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Eastland Recruiting gives teachers all of the excitement and adventure of teaching abroad while also providing a professional working experience where you can be assured to be paid your salary on time, treated as a professional, and gain valuable experience overseas so that you may continue to move forward in your career. After their first year, many teachers stay in their jobs and others come back to us for another adventure. We will do all we can to help you reach your goal to teach English in China or Taiwan.

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The Great Wall

Our staff has a combined experience of 40 years teaching and living in Asia. We will provide you with the assurance knowing that your best next career move is always our first priority. Our only goal is to help Professional Teachers find great jobs at Professional Schools. We expect the teachers and schools we work with to cooperate so that the most professional environment possible. This means each side has a responsibility. Our schools are expected to provide training and support in the classroom, follow the contract to the letter, pay all teachers on time and the full amount each and every pay period, and most importantly, treat teachers with respect and understanding. At the same time, we expect our teachers to be great ambassadors for their countries, dress appropriately, treat their supervisors with respect, follow all duties as outlined in the contract, and most importantly, be the best teachers they can be for their students.

After we receive your application, we will look for schools that best match what you are looking for. We will evaluate your qualifications and compile a list of schools. When you receive information on one of our schools, you can be assured that we have started with the best reviewed, highest paying, and most suitable school we have for you-we work from the top down so that the very first offer you get is the best possible match. 95% of our teachers end up signing with the first school we send them simply because we put your best interests first.

After you sign with one of our schools, we will provide ongoing support throughout your contract. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us. If you are not sure how to handle a situation, let us help. If you are having some trouble controlling a class, we have resources to help. It’s safe to say that there is no situation we have not dealt with either personally as teachers or professionally as recruiters.

Eastland Recruiting has every confidence you will be happy with our services from day one.

China Class

Teach English in China

Teaching English in China with an Eastland Recruiting school will provide an overseas adventure combined with a job far superier to what you can find on your own. Teachers are provided with an opportunity to study Mandarin, travel throughout China, and explore many differnt areas in Asia. When you teach at an Eastland school in China . . . more

Teach English in Taiwan

A modern democracy established on  large island in the China sea, Taiwan is by far one of the most popular destinations for teachers looking to move abroad.

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