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Dear all Taiwan teachers,

We’ve been contacted by several of our teachers in Taiwan requesting new jobs starting in the Fall. Our advice  is if you want to stay in Taiwan for another year, KEEP YOUR JOB. If you have one, you are lucky. Don’t enter yourself into this highly competitive market if you already have a school willing to give you another year.

Many people seem to be under the impression that now that they have a year of experience, it should be easier to find something new, something better. This is no longer the case. The market in Taiwan is saturated with teachers and we cannot guarantee that you will find a new job if you quit the job you have now.

Many reasons exist for the decline in the market in Taiwan. Undoubtedly, Taiwan is a great place to live; it is not a great place to find work any longer. The market has shifted dramatically and chances are if you are reading anything that is more than 6 months old about teaching in Taiwan, the information is outdated.

We always do our best to give priority for our alumni for new jobs. This year, looking at the available jobs and considering the extreme changes in the market, our best advice to alumni is that if you want to stay for another year, don’t even think about changing.  The internet is a great tool, but it’s leading to a lot of misinformation about the market for teachers in Taiwan and China.

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