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How long will it take before I get a job?

Our English teacher applicants most often want to know how long it takes from beginning to end before they land a job abroad in Taiwan or China. This varies greatly depending on many factors, including the school, the visa requirements of the province you are applying to (in China), the time of the year, and many other factors. The best case scenario from the time you send us your application to the time you can arrive is usually 3 weeks, and the longest wait is usually 3 months. We can always point you in the fastest direction based on your requirements.

The process is as follows. First, you must submit a complete application, which is simple enough. Next, once we determine you meet the minimum qualifications, someone on our team will either call you or email you to schedule a time to talk. That person will be your recruiter from beginning to end. We do our best to make a variety of times available for a variety of time zones and schedules and unlike some companies, we make ourselves available on the weekend. Your recruiter will then send you detailed information on the schools you are qualified for and that are hiring now. This information always includes details on the salary, hours, and a sample contract so you know what you will be signing ahead of time. At this point, some schools require and interview and others allow us to hire directly, but in either case, we feel it is essential that teachers speak with someone at the school before they make a final decision, so we help facilitate this.

Once the school has made you an offer (which is only official when you have received a contract), you usually have 5 working days to decide whether or not to accept. We always take the time to answer any questions about what is in the contract if requested. Once you have decided, you simply sign and send the contract to us and the school. That’s it! You’re hired. And yes, we are making it sound easy.

The next step is of course the visa, which you can find out more about on our Guide to China Visas for Teaching English page. The schools always help with this process, but every teacher will have to do some leg work before they get on the plane. At this point, you will get more help from us on timing your ticket, visa, and all of the details before you arrive. Your airport pick-up and hotels will be arranged well in advance. Don’t forget that after you arrive, we want to hear from you and every teacher receives continued support throughout their contract.

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