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In order to be considered for any one of our many teaching jobs in China or Taiwan, please prepare the following documents:

  1. Your resume (.doc format): Make sure your resume is updated. Dates of employment must be included for every job (month/ year). Also, your exact date of graduation from university is required.
  2. A photo (.jpg or .png  format): For many people, this seems strange, but remember-the schools are not going to meet you in person before they hire you. They want to place a face with your name and qualifications. This is not about judging your appearance, but simply takes the place of making an appearance for the interview.
  3. A cover letter (optional): Please include information about your work and education history, how that has lead you to want to teach overseas (specifically in your chosen country), and how teaching abroad fits with your future goals. This letter doesn’t have to be more than a page long, but try to make it interesting.


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If you are having trouble with the form, please email the required documents to: applications (at) eastlandrecruiting.com

Please include your preferred start date and Skype address in your email.